Friday, April 22, 2011

Change is in the Air... ??

I think today's sunshine (with the promise of more sun tomorrow) is infusing my outlook with some long lost optimism. Don't get me wrong. I think that I always have some optimism but it's usually an optimism about the state of affairs in the long run. I typically think things like, "So this sucks right but a year from now I won't even remember this. That will be great!" But suddenly, overnight almost, I'm feeling optimistic about the immediate future. Huzzah! I am hoping that this feeling will not be as fleeting as our bouts of of PNW sunshine (Seattle being Seattle does not plan on having this glorious weather beyond Saturday evening.).

With this new found optimism there has also been unprecedented productivity and motivation. Of course, since I understand balance ;), I have made time for a distraction or two. Here's a brief list of what's been distracting me on the interweb this week:

Mama Biscuit might be my favorite interweb discovery EVER. If you know me, and basically everyone who reads this does, then you know that a rescued pug dressed up and photographed by her two gay dads is exactly the type of material I deem "alluring" and "irresistable".

She might be my new best friend. Nevermind the fact that I don't even know her name. She and I have been spending more time together than I spend with my real friends because I can't stop drooling over every single ensemble she concocts.

This Dove ad. Scroll down for the clip from Mr. Stephen Colbert... awesomeness.

Weekend project in for the dining room shelves?

Really into this blog. And this entry in particular tickled me.


Happy Friday!