Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to the grind...

Hi-ho, hi-ho it's back to work I go. Yes, you read this correctly. I am reporting to you from my downtown Seattle cubicle. Same job. Same cube. Different attitude. Honestly re-employment could not have come a moment too soon. By the end of my stint on "fun"employment I had reached a point of meltdown where not even the funniest episodes of 30 Rock could lift my spirits out of hopeless boredom and constant feelings of futility. But all frustrating periods of enui come to and end and here I am, three days in already looking forward to the weekend.

Weekends hold a whole new meaning for me now that I have just emerged from what seemed to be an eternal weekend. Weekends have their time and they have their place - two (sometimes three) days at the end of the week. They are something to cherish and they are something get excited for but if every day were a weekend then what would you have to look forward to? I'll tell you what you would start looking forward to. You would start looking forward to going to work and that's just sick. Take it from me.

Anyways this weekend here are a few things I am giddily waiting for:
1. Trying on this little gem at Madewell. After months of not earning a pay check I'm pretty sure it's my duty to start making up for lost time and giving back to the economy... {my home away from home... i.e. madewell }

2. I'm trying to cut back on coffee (a horrible stereotypical Seattle habbit I picked up after moving here) but I've been pretty good this week and I'm thinking when Saturday hits I'm due a tall, sugar free vanilla, soy capuccino. Also after switching to drip in an effort to be a little more recessionista I'm looking forward to welcoming back a frou frou drink or two.

3) Cooking and new and seemingly delicious recipe like this "New Year Noodle Soup" that I've had starred on my google reader for awhile.

{101 Cookbooks}

Hope everyones workweeks/non-workweeks are swimming along.

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