Monday, April 19, 2010

Dog Wall Unleashed...

I actually have quite the brain-full of blog ideas right now and just have not had the time to actually post. So until my next entry (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) that will be lengthier here are a few pictures of the project that I mentioned a few entries ago.

I was inspired by a picture in Emily Chalmer's Flea Market Style to have a dog portrait wall of my very own and a few months ago when at an estate sale in a home previously inhabited by a hoarder I came across a collection of dog portraits and had to snatch them up. I purchased frames at Goodwill in Bremmerton and waited for inspiration to hit me. I decided that I wanted to use salvaged crown molding for my shelves and headed to The Re-Store in Ballard. I bought one that was perfect as is... clunky and chipped. The other two pieces needed to be painted so I headed to Lowes with my trusty Lowes expert picked up some paint and got to fixing them up. Here is the final product!

Respectfully Yours,