Monday, April 12, 2010

Is this bliss??

Despite my current state of exhaustion I am experiencing a little personal bliss. The spring cleaning that I have blogged about as needing to happen finally did last week. My apartment is impecable. I have applied for a promising job lead. I PRd at the Whidbey Island Half Marathon yesterday. My salvaged crown molding shelves were successfully hung. And best of all I have the return of Glee to look forward to tomorrow. I have been trying to think of things looming over my head to be done when I get home today but since I am in a bit of recovery state from my race yesterday a run is not mandatory and thusly I am coming up with absolutely no "shoulds" for my afternoon. What is an old lady in training to do? Well, I'm thinking yoga with my dear neighbor and probably reading while the Glee soundtrack (volume 1 as my sister has my volume 2) plays in the background. Oh yes, I also plan on taking and posting some pictures of my newest decorative endeavor!!

Respectfully yours,


  1. I am no longer an OLIT as I am an OL. lol But I love that you are planning so far ahead. What caught my eye in this post was the mention of Whidbey Island. I LOVE that place! I am a Californian but my kids and I were up there a few years ago and fell in LOVE. We got scones from this little mom-n-mom place in Coupeville and I have spent the last few years perfecting those suckers. I have got in down! And I loved all the little, tiny crabs that covered the beach there.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane! :)

  2. Whidbey IS wonderful! It was my first time up there as I am new to Wa -- I am in fact a Californian as well!

    I'm delighted that you found me and that you were able to stroll down memory lane!