Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cure for Inspiration Blahs...?

The past few weeks have been a little "slumpish" for me. I know myself well enough to know that my surroundings greatly affect my mood but the problem with this slump has been that I have had NO motivation (due to said slump) to clean up and create a space that will inspire, encourage, and calm. I have found myself spending very little time in my beloved apartment and whenever I do set time aside to be there and clean I come up with very convincing excuses not to (such as the sun is shining and I should be out there enjoying it, or the rain is falling and I should be out there enjoying it, or if I leave for long enough and ignore the problem it will cease to exist). Over the weekend I even bribed myself. I bought a lovely new (and on sale) floral duvet in hopes that a new "bedscape" would be enough to kick me into gear. After dragging my feet I finally started the process yesterday and let me tell you I think I have about a solid week before things are back in ship shape around the place. My bedroom has gotten so out of hand that in order to organize I had to make an even bigger mess and I haven't even gone under the bed yet. The thing of it is, and I knew this would be "the thing", as soon as I got off the couch and got started I did not want to stop. I am sitting at my desk dreaming about cleaning. Counting the minutes until I get home and get to work on unearthing the treasures beneath my dust ruffle!

My google reader has been sorely ignored lately as well. And I am sure this has contributed to my lack of motivation and inspiration when it comes to all things domestically chic and blissful. Today I did some serious blog reading time and sure enough my motivation not only to decorate but to get back out to my estate sales and thrift stores is starting to surge through me again. Here are a few of my personal jump starters:

Hoping everyone is having an inspired Wednesday,

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