Wednesday, March 3, 2010

25 By 25

As the end of my first quarter-century of life grows near I am feeling inspired to get a few things accomplished. It is said that the part of your brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until you are 25. If this is the case than I have 12 days left to make poor decisions and blame it all on my age. But what decisions might those be? Initailly when I wanted to write a "25 things I want to do by the time I turn 25" list it looked a little something like this...
1) Pay off my standing fine at the Seattle Public Library.
2) Return overdue volumes of The Tutors to Video Isle.
3) Drink only 1 beer a week.
4) Be in bed by 11.
5) Wake up at 6:30 am and squeeze in a run before work.
6) Locate and purchase King's Crown Cranberry Candy Dish of my very own.
... I won't continue because I'm sure the reader gets the point. While these are exciting to me they would hardly constitute recklessness. By nature I am a fairly cautious individual. I don't see myself running out buying a gun, dancing on tables at clubs, and sky-diving within the next two weeks. However, despite my cautiousness, I do enjoy an adventure or two and while aspiring to well rested responsibility is all well and good perhaps these next two weeks could be focused more on little adventures that remind me how great my first 25 years were and also get me excited for my next 25. At this point I have no specific explorations in mind just the goal to see each day as an oportunity to take a chance and start a few little adventures!

Respectfully Yours,


  1. Dear OLIT,
    I just noticed that you have decided to follow along with my blog and curious to meet a new "follower"(hate that term)....I clicked on your profile and that led me here. Having read all your posts, I am now convinced that you should be my daughter in law....which would require that you marry my good looking, very kind and funny son who is turning 26 on March 18th. I think you would get along are obviously smart, articulate and amusing...he is about to graduate from law school and what is more important....I think you and I would get along extremely well..and spend tons of time together thrifting and antiquing. So, now we just have to figure out how to get you two together as you live on opposite coasts. I am going to "follow" you...
    ...and that's all I have to say

  2. That was a really great comment! Laura cracks me up. I think I'll have to check out her blog. OLIT do you think you could do the other coast?