Friday, March 5, 2010

All My Boyfriends and Estate Sale Updates

What a long and random day I had! I am plumb tuckered out but must try and stay up past 8 to go get drinks with girlfriends and act my age!!

This morning I woke up early, cooked breakfast for me and my roommate (simple scrambled eggs and toast if you must know), ran 5 miles to my friends house and then headed out for some estate saling. As I am sure the reader remembers I have been waiting ALL week long for today's adventures and while I want to say they did not disappoint I cannot. Don't get me wrong I did not come away empty handed but the first estate sale of the morning, the one I had already staked out online, ended up overly crowded for no good reason. That being said... I'm going back tomorrow to see what's left. The remains can be some of my favorite pieces!! Luckily our second estate sale was fruitful and I obtained two teeny tiny little gems that I've been searching all over town for...... Please excuse the dust on the floor.

After a few more treasures were found at other sales and thrift stores I felt like my day had been given enough purpose and meaning and I could head home satisfied. That was until I passed the movie theater. Immediately the images of movie popcorn, me eating said movie popcorn to be precise, flashed in my brain. I had to have some. I thought it over and said, "Self... I'm taking you on a date!" And that's exactly what I did! I saw Alice In Wonderland. I got to pick where I sat, did not have to worry about chewing too loudly and at the end of the date I bought myself a cupcake! What a day! But little did I know I had another treat waiting for me when I walked in the door at home...

Mon amour, Monsieur Lapin, was waiting there with a handmade thank you card and fresh flowers all for me! Thank you for what? For discovering and rescuing him from a cold and lonely garage at a Sandpoint estate sale. Any time Monsieur Lapin. Anytime!

And now I must be off to freshen up for a night on the town!
Respectfully yours,


  1. Love the glasses!
    ...and flowers are always nice!

  2. mmmm.... now i'm craving black walls and tea candles in mason jars.