Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Sorry But...

Today is slow and I am finding it difficult not just to be productive but to figure out what it is exactly I need to produce. I have mostly given up and so instead will share the following with you:

1)During lunch I stumbled across Cassie Boorn's "20-Something Self Letters". Cassie came up with the idea to ask women to write letters of encouragement, praise, and advice to themselves as they were in their 20s. Some of them are really touching (i.e. I was sitting at my desk with tears welling in my eyes) and, even better, some were incredibly encouraging. The hardest part of being an old lady in training is that while I have many of the mannerisms of an old woman I am distinctly lacking when it comes to the wisdom that accompanies old age. What I wouldn't give to go home, check my mail box, and find a letter from 80 year old me saying "chill out 'cause it's gonna be just fine".

2) After reading these letters I was going through random pictures I had saved on my hard drive and came across this little gem. Now I am sitting here trying to contain the nearly uncontainable laughter that "Riley the Smiling Dog" induces.

{thank you telegraph for making my day!}

Happy Friday. Happy Fourth of July. And Happy Birthday to You!

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