Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm Trying, I'm Trying...

It's always a mistake to make promises in absolutes. For example, in my last entry I promised daily updates on my new life of leisure -- that post was one whole week ago. From now on I promise to not make promises I don't intend to keep and at the time I had absolutely no intention of actually writing daily. I just said that to appease you. Apologies. But I've grown up and I am now ready to make a vow to write daily.

Moving on. So that you all don't worry I can tell you that one week into unemployment and I'm feeling pretty good. I spent some quality time with the seniors last week. Me and my troup of elders experiencing the early stages of memory loss wrote a poem or two, sang along to some lovely banjo strumming, and even line danced a bit. Outside of my time at the senior center I've been so busy brunching, lunching, and feeling festive I've had barely a moment to reflect on my current state of borderline destitution (I jest, I jest. I'm collecting unemployment people so clearly I'm rolling in cash!).

Now that the novelty of not having to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day has started to wane I'm ready to really take advantage of this valuable period of freedom and start accomplishing and exploring in ways I can't when I'm bogged down with 40 hours of employment. Perhaps each day I can add one thing to my to do list (back to that failed to do list from my last post!). Today I can start simple...

- Start reading a book that doesn't have to do with the following:
old people, aging, psychology of aging, dementia, depressed caregivers, happy caregivers, medicare...

This sounds do-able. After I select an appropriate literary masterpiece I will update my loyal , no matter how miniscule, readership.

Until next time -- and by next time I clearly mean tomorrow!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Old Lady In Training

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  1. I am totally a loyal reader... keep em coming!